Art Rooney II Statement on Heinz Field Expansion Project

We are extremely disappointed that the SEA has not given timely assurance of its intention to honor our Lease for our Heinz Field expansion. This state-of-the-art expansion assures that Heinz Field would remain the first class facility our fans expect and deserve. The SEA is our landlord and it is not holding up its end of the lease.

Since opening in 2001, Heinz Field has generated more than $100 million dollars in tax revenue for state and local governments. It is on track to more than pay for the public money that was invested in the project.

The Steelers have already advanced more than $6 million in improvements, design and planning costs to keep the current projects moving, and more than double that amount in ongoing repair and maintenance costs since Heinz Field first opened in 2001.

It is unfortunate that the SEA has chosen not to live up to its promises and obligations as landlord. At this point, we have been left with no alternative other than to go to court to enforce the terms of our lease.

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