Are you ready...for some dancing?

Steelers' receiver Antonio Brown embarks on a unique journey when ABC's "Dancing With The Stars" kicks off it's 22nd season.

Brown will be one of the shows celebrities, dancing with professional dance partner Sharna Burgess.

"I am really excited about the challenge of being on 'Dancing With The Stars,'" said Brown. "I am excited about the process."

It will definitely be a challenge for Brown. Just ask Hines Ward, who won "Dancing With The Stars" season 12 in 2011. Ward said he put in 12 hour days practicing, and that it wasn't easy.

"One thing he has to understand is he can't just show up with a smile on his face," said Ward. "You have to put the work in to get it done. Knowing Antonio, his work ethic, he will apply all of the things he learned in football and know he can't just smile and take it for granted. The practice schedule is grueling. It's totally out of your element trying to choreograph a whole routine. If you step the wrong way, it can throw off the whole routine.

"He needs to rely on his dance partner to be his coach and get through it. Once you overcome the nerves of it all, being out of your element, you start to relax and enjoy. The fan voting can only take you so far. You still have to go out there and perform."

Ward said football skills don't translate to the ballroom, where it's almost a case of having to do everything differently.

"It's totally different," said Ward. "Football, everything is about being low, low center of gravity. Ballroom is everything is upright, shoulders, lines. That is what it is all about. You are totally out of your element being on the ballroom floor. If you can show you can dance, you will win the crowd over.

"It's a great opportunity for Antonio. Antonio is a dancer anyway. After he scores a touchdown he is always giving the fans a little taste of his dancing skills. My nickname was twinkle toes. I think he is a toe tap now. I am excited for him. I can't wait to see him in those outfits and winning everyone over."

Ward admitted that he is probably recognized more now for his appearance on the show than for his 14 seasons with the Steelers, but knows it will be those Steelers fans that make a difference in how far Brown advances on the show.

"Steelers Nation is family," said Ward. "They are going to support him through thick and thin. A lot of the reason I won, I had to do my part dancing wise, but Steelers Nation, they voted. I am sure they are going to show Antonio the same support they showed me."

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