Another challenge awaits

The Steelers don't have much time to celebrate their 25-17 win over the New England Patriots as they come right back to face the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday night at Heinz Field.

"It's the NFL. Every week you have to bring it and be prepared," said wide receiver Antonio Brown. "The next challenge is the best one. After Monday, last week is done and it's off to the next week of preparation.

"This is an opponent that beat us earlier this year, another division game and opportunity. We can't get too hyped. We just have to be focused."

The Ravens defeated the Steelers 35-7 in the season opener, and even though it was almost two months ago, the memory is still there.

"You always remember that, seeing those guys celebrate like they won the Super Bowl," said Brown. "They were all hyped. We remember that feeling. We are up for the challenge and a big week."

The Steelers committed seven turnovers in the game, but since then have made huge strides in all three aspects of the game.

"We continue to get better and continue to make plays," said Brown. "I still don't think we are where we want to be yet, but we are making strides. We are definitely getting better. That is what it is all about. As the season goes on, games go on, and we continue to go up and on.

"We are way better. A lot of guys are playing. We are still not where we want to be but we continue to get better as a team."

Since losing to the Ravens in week one of the season the Steelers are 6-1, but Coach John Harbaugh still sees the Steelers the same way they were at the beginning of September – a tough, hard-nosed team.

"They are eight games into the season, so they are more experienced. They are the same team," said Harbaugh. "They have injuries, they have adversity they have been battling. I think they are the same Steelers they have always been – they are a tough, hard-nosed team. They have a great quarterback, and they have a great defense, and they are as physical as can be. It's a team we respect.

"To me, they are the Steelers. Every game is a little different. They are in a different injury situation or they are in a different record or whatever. But, that is the only difference."

The Steelers signed defensive end Corbin Bryant to the practice squad. Bryant was on the practice squad and added to the active roster when Aaron Smith went on injured reserve. Bryant was waived to make room for linebacker Mortty Ivy, who was signed off the practice squad because of injuries at the position.

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