An appreciation for those who made a difference

In celebration of Black History Month, we take the time to recognize and reflect on the thoughts and contributions of members of the Steelers organization. Today, multiple players share why Black History Month is significant in their lives.

February has been set aside as a time to celebrate Black History, to remember the contributions made by the men and women through the years that a lot of Americans are unaware of.

But for Cameron Sutton, he wants to make sure that history is celebrated year round.

"You can never just put Black history in a month," said Sutton. "I get the term of it. The appreciation for what it's for. There are so many stories that we're not aware of that changed the trajectory of the world. It's time for everyone to keep educating yourselves."


That is a word so many Steelers players point to when talking about Black history, wanting to educate themselves continually and wanting others to do the same.

"In elementary school, and the school system in general, I don't feel like we learned too much about Black history," said linebacker Malik Reed. "It seemed like it was a small amount. I think it's important for kids nowadays to learn Black history and get the accounts and stories of things that have been accomplished over the years. See where we have come from and where we are now.

"I stand firm in my faith I think God is a huge reason why we are where we are today. Me and my wife like to read up on different stories whether it's Black people that invented something back in the day. I like to dive in to educate each other and continue to grow in that area."

Safety Miles Killebrew knows the more you educate yourself, the more you can recognize those who have made a difference, which includes people in the history of the country, as well as people who are making a difference today.

"My father is Black, I am of mixed decent, Black and White," said safety Miles Killebrew. "Anytime there is an opportunity to recognize someone in this country for their unique background or their diversity or whatever it is, I think it's important to recognize that because that is what makes this country so special.

"It's a great reminder to spread love in our community. I would say that this is a time when the Nation needs a lot more love and I want to be at the forefront of that with the guys around me."

While Black History Month is celebrated in February, for these players and countless others that history is something that is celebrated year-round.

"It's important because it celebrates equality and it's fighting for equal rights for all people," said linebacker Alex Highsmith. "You recognize that every single day and celebrate that. I think it's important for me just being part African American, just recognizing that and continuing to celebrate what we have been given as equal rights."