AFC coaches on replay, rosters and more

Tuesday morning was the AFC coaches' breakfast, with every coach available to the media. The following is a little of what was said.

Baltimore Ravens Coach John Harbaugh:

On expanding the plays that can be reviewed by the officials:
"We're on record in Baltimore over the last four or five years of being in favor of reviewing everything in instant replay that can be put in instant replay. It's our feeling the technology has caught up with the game in a lot of ways. Sometimes we lag behind the technology a little bit. You should come to change slowly and for the right reasons.

"But it's time to recognize when the fans have a better view of the game than the referee does. It's time to put the referee in the same playing field as the fans. You do that through technology. I think everything should be reviewed."

Cincinnati Bengals Coach Marvin Lewis:

On proposal to increase the number of active list players for regular-season games played on a day other than Sunday or Monday:
"We're fine. Everybody just has it one week. It's not an every week situation. That's why we have 53. More is not always better."

Denver Broncos Coach John Fox:On how long it took to get over the loss to the Seahawks in the Super Bowl:

"Really we kind of just moved on. It's like the end of every season, if you don't win the last game it gnaws on you. It gnaws on you for awhile. It never goes away. It's like that scar. You learn from it, move on and do what you can to get better. I didn't watch it for a week."

On what he would do different if they got back to the Super Bowl this year:
"Probably everything. Right now I would like to get there. Even my kids were getting on me that the getaway hotel was 80 percent bad. You change a lot of things. Some people say we are superstitious. We lose on the road we don't stay at that hotel next time we go there. You change it if doesn't work."

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