A new view: Thoughts on Timmons and Harrison


Fox play-by-play announcer Kenny Albert will be part of the broadcast team covering the Steelers-49ers game on Sunday at Heinz Field, and before he calls the action he took time out to talk about the Steelers.

In this segment Albert chatted about the Steelers defense, including linebackers Lawrence Timmons and James Harrison.

Here are Albert's thoughts:


On what Timmons brings to the defense: **"When you look at the linebacker position, any team would love to have him. He certainly has been one of the best over the last few years. He is a tackling machine. When you look at his numbers and what he has done the last couple of years, the consistency we talked about with some of the guys on offense is there. He never misses a game. He is a guy any team would love to have."

On Harrison and what is needed from him this year:
"One of the big questions the coaching staff, fans and media probably had going into the season is how much he can play given that he is 37. I know he played close to 40 snaps in the opener last week, which was the most among outside linebackers. I am sure that is something the coaches will monitor as the year goes on. Playing against different teams, with different offenses, could change that a little bit. But he is a guy who gives his full effort all of the time. He is a guy who is so important to this franchise and based on week one he still seems to be going strong."

On his commitment in the weight room being something young players can learn from:
"I think it's something that rubs off on other guys. When guys who are 10, 12, 15 years younger than him see how many hours he is in there, first in the morning, last in the evening, time in the weight room and film room, that can only set an example for the younger players."

On him be an abnormality, a defensive player his age still making an impact:
"There aren't many of them out there. You think back to London Fletcher a few years ago and there are a few other examples. You see it more on the offensive side. It is a little more unusual to have a guy 37 years old on the defensive side than on the offensive side, especially a guy making an impact like he does."

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