A look at what's stood out

Throughout training camp players have been standing out.

Whether it's been Ben Roethlisberger or a young guy like No. 1 pick Devin Bush, these players have been getting plenty of praise from teammates and all around.

But when asked what has stood out to them through the first wave of training camp, and they were given the option to make it about an individual, everyone pointed to one thing – the team. And with the way this training camp has been going, that is no surprise.

There is definitely a theme in the answers below to what stood out.

Receiver James Washington:

"I would say the team aspect. Offense and defense, we are a lot closer this year. You see us chatting it up in between periods. Offense and defense messing around with each other. We had it last year, but I am seeing a lot more of it this year. That makes you want to be here with those guys, joke around all the time. Even sitting around outside after snack, everyone talking, sharing stories, rapping. It just makes it fun."

Defensive end Stephon Tuitt:

"Everybody worked out hard before they got here, and everyone came to work."

Center Maurkice Pouncey:

"It's the chemistry. Everyone seems like they are enjoying football right now. The daily grind gets to you sometimes, but whenever you are having fun with the guys it's always good."

Quarterback Joshua Dobbs:

"I think as a team it's the camaraderie, the competitiveness. Guys are working together, whether it's defensive backs and receivers, they are competing and talking about how people can get better. The offensive and defensive lines are talking. We are talking to the secondary. It's cool to see that camaraderie as a team. Seeing guys pushing each other to get better and different sides of the ball competing, but also teaching each other how to compete."

Linebacker Mark Barron:

"The competition level is good. Just seeing everyone working. The work everyone is putting in. You might see a standout play here from this person and another from this person."

Receiver Donte Moncrief:

"Everybody is here to work. Nobody is playing around. Everyone knows what the main focus is. It's winning. Everyone in the locker room wants to get better. that is a positive thing."

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