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Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, who is entering his 11th season, has been a regular at the team's practice facility during the offseason, attending the voluntary workouts and OTAs and setting an example for the younger players.

Steelers quarterbacks coach Randy Fichtner talked about his prize pupil during the team's minicamp, singing his praises for the work he has put in and how he is looking.

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Top Photographs of Ben Roethlisberger.

On Ben and what he has shown this offseason:**
"I've seen him a lot and that's been great. I know with a new baby he is a little more of a home body now so I see him a lot more now. You see him in the building a lot more. He has made a big, conscious effort to be around at every function that we had, all the pre-OTAs, all the OTAs. It's just great having him in the building."

  1. On if being around shows his leadership and the impact that has on the younger players:
    "It does help with the youth, the younger guys on the team. But it also gets everyone excited when they see him in the building."
  1. On the fact that it's not just the younger guys who benefit from his presence:
    "He even pumps up the coaches, old, young, new. When he comes in the building there is an energy. Everyone feels it. We feel it when he is on the field. He has had a great spring, done a really nice job taking care of his body and training. He looks really healthy."
  1. On if there are any difference in his training:
    "He tweaked a few things. I know it was nothing he hadn't done before, maybe just a little more intensity."
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On what he wants to see from him this year and if he needs to protect himself more:**
"You always say that. We just need Ben to play Ben football and when he does, good things usually happen. It goes without being said that his health is as important as anything to us. His instincts to make plays and to deliver in big moments, you can't talk about that. That is who he is, what he does. Sometimes when you are going full like that you might have a tendency to get a bang here or injury there. He just has to play Ben football and everyone will play around him and we will be pretty good."

On if having a quarterback with his talent makes his job easier:
"He is very skilled, experienced, has all of the weapons we are putting around him to work with. It shows out here in the spring and it will show in the fall."

On how Ben is doing physically:
"He looks better, he feels better, he is moving better. He is in great shape. His arm looks as alive as it ever has. I asked him how he feels, and he says great. When you say great that gives me a lot of confidence and I feel great."

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