5 takes from Bud Dupree

Linebacker Bud Dupree took a few minutes to hit on a handful of topics, from the standard being the standard to hyperbaric chambers.

  • On what it means to play for the Steelers and the tradition the team has:
    "The standard is the standard here. The goal in the Steelers organization is to win, to be world champions, and every day you have to work like it. You have to make sure you show respect for the people that played before you who made it all possible. You show respect for them. You aren't just playing for this team. You are playing for them too."
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On the young linebackers getting better as the season wore on:**
"It just takes getting comfortable and knowing what the coaches expect from you. Coach Tomlin lets us know the truth and what we have to do. Once you put that all together it's good. You brain starts clicking and things happen the right way."

  • On what he learned from his rookie season:
    "I learned about going through adversity. We went through it the whole season and overcame it. Myself in college I didn't play as long. Here the season is real long. I now know what to look forward to next year. You have to experience it and go through it. I also learned about being in shape. The shape level is two different levels, from college to the pros. You have to take care of your body."
  • On part of his recovery during the season going into a hyperbaric chamber and what that is like:
    "I thought it was going to explode the first time. The first time is always kind of scary. After that it was okay. The longer you go in there the better. I go in for about an hour. The first time you are watching the entire time. You hear stuff and are wondering what is going on. After that you try to relax while you are in there."

On his offseason workouts:
"I try to focus on explosion. I try to use my get-off as an advantage and my speed and quickness. I try to be the most explosive person on the field. I want to work on getting faster, stronger."

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