3 views on defending Kaepernick


Last week the Steelers faced Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, a pocket passer with a quick release. This week they get a completely different look with 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Steelers' players shared their take on what makes Kaepernick so different, yet still difficult, to defend.

Safety Mike Mitchell
"It's two different styles of quarterbacks. They are totally different. Kaepernick is strong arm, definitely more of a runner. We have to be conscious of him escaping the pocket versus a traditional drop back passing type of game."

Linebacker Bud Dupree
"We get to have a little bit more fun. With Brady everything is so quick that usually you get mad at the pass rush. At least with playing Kaepernick we get a chance to rush. But you have to keep your rush lanes. If you make one mistake he will run down the field far and make you pay for that."

Linebacker Arthur Moats
"It's night and day. Brady is a very cerebral player. Gets rid of the ball really fast. That's his game. With Kaepernick he is holding the ball more. The running element is a bigger factor this week, especially with his running ability. As far as your rushing lane you have to be more disciplined and know what type of animal you are dealing with."

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