3 Steelers Monday Night Football fun facts


Monday magic: Le'Veon Bell holds the Steelers record for most yards rushing on Monday Night Football with 204 yards, set last year in an impressive outing in a 27-24 win over the Tennessee Titans. He also had the most yards from scrimmage by a Steelers player on Monday Night Football with 222, bypassing Hall of Famers Franco Harris and Jerome Bettis.

"It was just an overall great performance by the offense," said Bell after that game. "The offensive line did a great job opening holes and the receivers blocking down field made my job easy once I got to the second level and made one or two guys miss and kept my legs moving and held on to the football.

"We set a goal and went out and achieved that goal today. The offensive line wanted to prove their dominance tonight and they definitely did that. I just did what they allowed me to do – get to the second level, make a guy or two miss and the rest is history."

Just your average night: Great players always come up big when the lights are on, and James Harrison did just that in a Monday night matchup with the Baltimore Ravens in 2007. Harrison had three and a half sacks in the game, a Steelers Monday Night Football record, nine tackles, three forced fumbles (one on special teams), an interception and a fumble recovery.

"It was his night," said Coach Mike Tomlin. "He played a whale of a football game and we needed it. He played a spectacular game. That speaks for itself. Those are words that we live by. The tape is our walking, talking, breathing resume. He put it on tape tonight, so I don't think anything else needs to be said about how he performed. It was awesome."

Super seasons start here: In the Steelers' six Super Bowl championship seasons they have won on Monday Night Football at least one time that year. They have lost as well in those seasons, but have at least one Monday Night Football win each of the six years.

Here is a look at the wins

Oct. 28, 1974 – Steelers 24, Atlanta 17 – Super Bowl IX season
Nov. 25, 1974 – Steelers 28, New Orleans 7 – Super Bowl IX season
Nov. 24, 1975 – Steelers 32, Houston Oilers 9 – Super Bowl X season
Nov. 27, 1978 – Steelers 24, San Francisco 7 – Super Bowl XIII season
Sept. 3, 1979 – Steelers 16, New England 13 – Super Bowl XIV season
Oct. 22, 1979 – Steelers 42, Denver 7 – Super Bowl XIV season
Oct. 10, 2005 – Steelers 24, San Diego 22 – Super Bowl XL season
Oct. 31, 2005 – Steelers 20, Baltimore 19 – Super Bowl XL season
Sept 29, 2008 – Steelers 23, Baltimore 20 – Super Bowl XLIII season
Nov. 3, 2008 – Steelers 28, Washington 6 – Super Bowl XLIII season

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