3 shed light on OTAs

It's football in shorts. But for Steelers players they will take it as the closest to football they have had since the 2015 season ended.

The team begins their OTAs Tuesday morning with the first of 10 sessions that will take place over three weeks.

And after a long offseason, they are ready to go.

Here are thoughts from three players on what is ahead.

Linebacker Arthur Moats
"Any time we are able to get out there in a football like situation it's always going to help us out and help us get better. For the new guys it's a chance for them to get introduced to the playbook. It's a chance to get out here and show a lot of guys who have already been here what they can do from an athletic standpoint in a football capacity.

"For the older guys, it is just getting that refresher in and getting back out there. We haven't been on the field in a game like situation, in a practice like situation, since Denver. We are excited about it."

Linebacker Bud Dupree
"They are going to be so valuable for me to be able to go out there and refresh my memory. I will be able to see how I improved, see how I picked up all the plays, see how my skill set has improved. Everything like that."
Guard Ramon Foster

"It's good to see what the young guys are going to be like. It's good because most of the veterans are going to be back in town. You get that team feel again. That is what this is all about. That is why it's hard for guys to leave this game. This time of year is fun. It's the start of everything else to come."

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