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3 quick takes from your Pro Bowl Steelers


Wide receiver Antonio Brown on being a Pro Bowl co-captain for Team Carter, and making sure teammates Lawrence Timmons and Maurkice Pouncey, and his brother Mike, were all on his team:**"It's a tremendous honor. I am a fan of the game. I like doing it. I had a great strategy. Had to make sure all of the Steelers guys played together. Had to make sure the Pouncey brothers are on the same team. My strategy panned out for me."

Linebacker Lawrence Timmons on his first Pro Bowl and being there with his teammates:
"It's an honor. I am out here with my family and friends and just seeing this whole aura of the moment. It's so beautiful to me. Playing with these guys, just seeing them at this level shows you how our team is, how advanced we are, and how good we are."

Center Maurkice Pouncey on being back in the Pro Bowl after missing the year before because of a season-long injury:
"It's a blessing. What I went through, the fight I had to get back. It's a blessing I get to play next to my brother this year so it makes it a little bit more exciting. I texted AB before the draft and told him you better get me and Mike on the same team. I am glad all of the Steelers are on the same team so we don't have to go out and play against each other."

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