10 Questions with Antwon Blake

With the ups and downs this season, what adjustments need to be made to get to the point where you can stack wins?
I think we just need to be more consistent in all three phases of the game. Once we do that we will get that first victory, and then keep adding to it.
Is this frustrating, disappointing to be so up and down?

It is, but it's the nature of the game too. We have to keep looking at film, correcting what went wrong. Our next opponent, we just need to go out there and give our all. **

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If this a time when everyone needs to look in the mirror, see what as an individual they can do to help?**

Every time we have a game like we did this past week everyone should check their ego, do a little soul-searching to see what you can do better. You can never do too much.
As a special teams unit, what do you guys need to do?

Our biggest thing, the one thing that (special teams coordinator) Danny Smith harps on the most, is field position. We need to help the defense and the offense get good field position. We can do that better for sure.

How do you stay positive, keep the right mental attitude when it's up and down?
We are a team. We have each other's back. Nobody is giving up; nobody is feeling sorry for themselves. We are all showing up ready to roll.

You've got a stretch of three home games coming up. How important is it to take control during this stretch, take advantage of the home field?
I think it's real important. Any time we get to play at home in front of Steelers Nation we don't want to disappoint those guys.

The AFC North keeps getting tougher, is this the time when you know you must put wins together?
I believe so. Right now in the North there isn't a team that isn't good. With the next few home games we have an opportunity to put ourselves in the top and that's what we are planning on doing.

What's the mindset you need to be successful on special teams?**

I feel like it starts with attitude, technique and want to. Every special teams player gets that one play at a time and you have to go your hardest. If you don't you won't win on that play. If you want to win you will do that. I feel like sometimes when you are nowhere near the ball, sometimes you have to show your dominance some other way, whether it's getting a hard block or something. You have to make your presence be felt.
This month, and in particular this Monday night when it's the official game, players have been wearing pink as a part of breast cancer awareness month. You are one of those players who sport pink. Why is that important in your eyes?

Throughout my family I have had people dealing with breast cancer issues. Any time I can show my support for my family in front of the whole nation, that is a great feeling.
You are a pretty quiet guy, but active on social media. Do you enjoy that kind of interaction?

I am pretty quiet in person, but social media is an outlet to let some of my thoughts out. I feel like that is just easy. Around people it is harder to get comfortable and talk to them. But the internet, it's just the internet. That's how that goes.

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