Woodley is fundamentally sound


Linebacker LaMarr Woodley was named to USA Football and the NFL Players Association 2010 All-Fundamentals Team.

The organization names 26 players, 11 on offense, 11 on defense and four on special teams, for the annual honor that is based on the ability to execute the fundamentals of the position and make a positive impact on the community.

"You have to have great fundamentals to play football," said Woodley. "You have to be disciplined and doing what the coaches and league want you to do. It's about how you tackle and play the game, the basic fundamentals of the game."

Those selected to the All-Fundamentals Team provide an example for youth football players to follow so they can develop using the proper techniques in the game.

Woodley said he is fundamentally sound because he is willing to take coaching, from the time he started playing organized football until now.

"When you first start playing backyard football you just starting tackling guys by any means necessary, just taking them down," said Woodley. "When you start playing organized football there are rules and you have to learn the fundamentals of the game. That is what the coaches have taught me over the years, ever since I started out at South Middle School, and Saginaw High and then on to Michigan and then here."

Woodley, who relishes being a role model for youth football players, also is active in the community, including donating $500 for each sack to the LaMarr Woodley Sack Attack to help kids in Pittsburgh and his hometown of Saginaw, Michigan.

Woodley was presented with the award by Coach Mike Tomlin and Joe Guyaux, President of PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. and President of PNC Bank, a partner of the Steelers and USA Football. He was also receive a $1,500 equipment grant to designate to a youth or high school program.

USA Football is the official youth football development partner of the NFL and NFLPA.

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