Wishes do come true

Friday was a special day for Jacob Brooks, an 18-year old from Monmouth, Illinois who loves the Steelers.

Brooks was the guest of the team at practice through the Make-A-Wish Foundation and will also be at Heinz Field on Sunday when the Steelers host the Los Angeles Rams.

"I have been a Steelers fan forever," said Brooks. "When we were in the Super Bowl when I was younger my dad would hold me for good luck because I was a baby. I have been a fan my whole life.

"It's amazing to be here. It's incredible. I could never imagine it."

Brooks, who was joined by his family at the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex, has ventricular fibrillation, a heart condition that causes heart rhythm problem that occurs when the heart beats with rapid, erratic electrical impulses. When given the opportunity to have a wish, the Steelers were an easy choice.

"It's looking at it through a completely different lens," said Brooks, who was thrilled when one of his favorite players, T.J. Watt, gave him his gloves. "It's indescribable.

"I have been to a preseason game, but not a Steelers game before. It's going to be amazing."

The Steelers grant the wish of a young Steelers fan from Monmouth, IL