Willie Colon needs your vote - voting ends Sunday


Willie Colon needs your vote

Steelers tackle Willie Colon needs your vote. Colon is a finalist in a campaign that the NFL has launched, "Super Ad: Who Wants It More?"

NFL players, including Colon, are in the running to be featured in a new NFL Super Bowl ad where they share their own unique story.

"We went in a big trailer and it's just you and the camera," said Colon of filming his spot. "It's like a confession. You are telling a story that the public never heard or something that really motivated you."

Colon shared his story about the days leading up to the NFL Draft for him and some of the mishaps that occurred during that week.

"My phone died," explained Colon of his experience. "The night before the Cowboys called and I missed that call. They were going to take me early in the second round and didn't. With the phone being off it didn't work out. It did come back in time for the Steelers to call. It was just a whole crazy story."

You can vote for Colon beginning on Thursday, December 27 at the Super Ad Section on NFL.com.

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