Where Are They Now: Willie Williams


Willie WilliamsCornerback1993-96, 2004-05Potomac, MarylandWhat are you doing now?
I have a training consulting business where we train high school and middle school athletes. We also train college players and get them ready for the draft.

What is the fondest memory from your playing career?It would be the 1995 season. We had a great bunch of guys that we could just go to practice and have fun. That whole year was my best memory of my NFL career.

What was your best game?I think against San Diego back in 1995, I had two interceptions. It was my first interception and my first touchdown all in one game. That was the best game that I had.

What made playing for the Steelers special?It was just the whole organization. The Rooney's treated you like family. From the time you came in to practice in the morning they made you feel like family. It is a first-class organization. They made you feel comfortable.

Teammates you were closest to during your playing days?Levon Kirkland, Deion Figures, Brentson Buckner. Levon is one I am closest to. We didn't live far from each other in South Carolina. He picked on me for my size. That made it even better.

Teammate who was the biggest character?Levon Kirkland. He kept us laughing in the locker room, during the game, on the field. He made us relax.

Do you still keep in touch with former teammates?I stay in touch with a lot of guys, Brentson, Myron Bell, Randy Fuller, Levon, Greg Lloyd, Rod Woodson, and Carnell Lake. Those are the guys I talk to a lot.

What was it like for you to come back to Pittsburgh for the Alumni Weekend?It was great feeling – you saw the Rooney family, former teammates, everyone. It's always great to come back to Pittsburgh. This is where I started my career and this is where I ended my career and it's a great feeling. To be considered an alumnus here, that means a lot. Being around some of the guys I used to play with is a great feeling. When I was here in 2004 I saw Dermontti Dawson come back. It was a great time. I never thought I would be a part of that.

Do you still follow the Steelers and if so, how closely?Always, I watch every game. I have a satellite dish. I am a critic now. I sit and watch the games.

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