Where Are They Now: Chidi Iwuoma


Chidi IwuomaCornerback2002-06Antioch, CaliforniaWhat are you doing now?

I am back at my alma mater California, working with student development. I am doing everything outside of the X's and O's, making sure the guys are doing well in class. When I was a student athlete I used all of my resources and now I have the chance to give back and make sure guys are trying to graduate and not just play and not get a degree.What is the fondest memory from your playing career?

Coach (Bill) Cowher's Saturday night speeches. They were really exciting. He always had something great to say and got me ready to play.

What was your best game?
It was against Cleveland. I got triple teamed on kickoff and punt return. I thought it was monumental a guy getting triple teamed. I had guys coming at me from all angles, trying to take me out, pointing at me like I was a target. It made me feel a little important.

What made playing for the Steelers special?
It was the unity. Guys came together like brothers and family members. Everybody accepted me from the moment I walked in the door. The defensive backs were a close unit. You knew everybody was accountable for the next guy. It was a strong unit. That's what made it enjoyable to come to work every day. Teammate you were closest to during your playing days?

I was close to Troy Polamalu and all of the special team's guys who were the grunts, the guys who were in the hole and the trenches. We were all tight.

Teammate who was the biggest character?
Troy Polamalu, he was the undercover guy who would slip in jokes when you least expected it.

Do you still keep in touch with former teammates?
I do. Every now and then I call or email guys and get one from them. When I was in for the alumni weekend I went to the facility and got to see some of the guys. That was exciting.

Do you still follow the Steelers and if so, how closely?
I do and if I forget there is always a phone call to remind me there is a game on. It's hard to miss. As much as possible I am watching the games.

What was it like to come back for Alumni Weekend?
It was amazing. It was exciting to be back in Pittsburgh. Just stepping off the plane was exciting for me. I was glad to be back. Some of the guys who were at it were a little before me, but it's still a unity. We are all Steelers. The common link that we all have is we expect to win. We know what it takes to play for the Steelers and it's something to be proud of. The sense of pride those guys had before me, I now have and know what it's like to be a champion.

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