What Tuitt learned at Notre Dame

The expectation with the Steelers is to play for Lombardi trophies rather than national championships and Heismans. But the responsibilities and the demands associated with both endeavors are as understandable to Tuitt as they are recognizable.  

"Every game we played was awesome," he said. "The whole experience, the atmosphere, everything about Notre Dame is something not many people get a chance to experience. Every team that came in to play us or every team we went to play, it was going to be their best. To be honest it prepared us to be our best."

Tuitt and his Notre Dame teammates came within a game of being the best in the nation at the conclusion of the 2012 season. Although they didn't play like champions against Alabama, they still played for a national championship.

And in that, Tuitt maintained, there was value.

"One of the greatest experiences of my life," he said. "Even though the outcome was unfortunate in the end, we knew what it took to get there. My job coming to this Steelers team is to be the same way and bring that attitude."

There are other prerequisites, the nuances of which Tuitt is beginning to learn this weekend at the Steelers' practice facility.

"Get in the playbook, know my X's and O's, repetition, being a teammate, talking, communicating, do what I'm supposed to do on an everyday basis," he said. "The only way I can be respected on this team is if I come out and do what I'm supposed to do."

They started drilling that point home on Day One in Pittsburgh, too.

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