Wallace keeps his streak alive

Wide receiver Mike Wallace continues to put up big numbers for the offense, with five receptions for 144 yards against the Colts.

It was Wallace's sixth straight 100-yard game in the regular season, a Steelers record streak.

Wallace was aided by an 81-yard touchdown reception from Ben Roethlisberger in the first quarter on Sunday night that gave the Steelers a 10-0 lead.

"Those guys were playing Cover 2 so they weren't trying to give up too many big plays," said Wallace of the Colts secondary. "Fortunately, we got one big play but we took what was given to us"

When a team has played in the Super Bowl three out of the last six years, winning twice like the Steelers have, the players know that other teams are going to be after them.

"I think it has a little bit to do with everything, the tradition around here, the history of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the organization in general, the success we have had the last four or five years here," said linebacker James Farrior.

"We have been successful around here for a good while and teams want to bring you down. We are going to get their best effort every week. We just have to understand that. That's going to be a lot of team's mindset."

Farrior said the only way to combat getting an opponent's 'A-game' is to come out and play the same way, giving it their all.

"That's the only way we can play, the only way we can be successful," said Farrior. "I don't think this is the first year we have been a target, we have in years past and we have done well."

Farrior also indicated that the way Steelers fans often times take over an opposing stadium doesn't sit well with teams.

"People hate Pittsburgh fans," said Farrior. "We show up in droves everywhere we go. They are good for us, we love them to death but others hate them."

Farrior has seen a lot of players in his 15-year NFL career and doesn't hesitate for a second when ranking teammate Casey Hampton as the best nose tackle in the league.

"He has done a great job over the years," said Farrior. "He has been the mainstay of this defense for a long time. Our defense, the nose is an intricate part of the defense and how successful you can be. He has been holding it down for a while."

Farrior said Hampton is the kind of player that is easy for a coach to deal with because he knows exactly what he is doing.

"I don't see too many people blocking him week in and week out," said Farrior. "I have been directly behind him for the last 10 years so I see it all."

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