Vick: 'We gotta have some fun out here'

After running the ball and throwing it since taking over at quarterback for Ben Roethlisberger, Mike Vick tried his hand at catching it this afternoon.

"(Wide receiver) Antonio (Brown) threw it," Vick reported. "It probably won't go in this week. It's something that's gotta be executed and caught at the right time.

"We just took a look at it."

Vick described his catch as "awesome," and added "maybe I'm playing the wrong position."

The practice-field TD was emphatically celebrated.

"We gotta have some fun out here sometimes," Vick insisted. "We take pride in what we do, we take everything serious, but you gotta have some fun some time.

"First time I ever spiked the ball, I think. Too bad it wasn't in a game, it was in practice. I shouldn't do that. I shouldn't taunt my teammates like that, especially (cornerback Antwon) Blake."

Vick addressed a couple of other subjects after crossing the goal line, including:

The Steelers prepare for the week 6 matchup against the Arizona Cardinals.

-Getting the ball to Brown more often: "You have to pick and choose your spots. Not to say I don't have confidence in myself or confidence in A.B. It's just kind of where we're at in the game. But trust me those plays are going to come."

-His limited opportunities to run the ball: "It's the way defense are playing. (In the San Diego game) I didn't get a running lane until late in the game. They did a good job of closing off rushing lanes and kind of keeping everything at bay in terms of me getting outside the pocket, LB (Manti) Te'o did a good job of that.

"Everybody doesn't have that type of pass rush. Everybody doesn't do what they do. Each game has its own dynamic. I understand that, we all understand that. Each week poses different problems. Hopefully (against Arizona) I can get a couple in."

-Whether we'll see the Steelers' continue to use the Wildcat formation: "I don't know. Who knows? You might, don't be surprised. We're just trying to find a win to win, to come out of that stadium with a win. Our fans deserve it."

-His confidence level after two starts: "I think I showed I can still go out and get it done. Techniques are changing, defensive philosophies are changing. But I feel like I've shown I still can adjust. Keep in mind I'm still in a new offense, as well.

"I'm still getting adjusted but still playing with a lot of confidence and just trying to rely on the guys around me to help me win the game."

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