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Tomlin wins NCMFC award

Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin received the 2024 Professional Coach of the Year from the National Coalition of Minority Football Coaches (NCMFC). 

The award is to honor a minority coach who has excelled on the field and had an exemplary season, or a coach who has used his position to advance diversity in the professional ranks. The honoree has to demonstrate integrity, character and excellence both on and off the field. 

The NCMFC was founded by University of Maryland Coach Michael Locksley in 2020 to promote equity. 

"It's an honor to be recognized by the coalition," said Tomlin. "I really appreciate the vision of Coach Locksley and others and honored to come alongside them an in effort to make things better for those who come after us. 

"I look forward to continuing to put my hand in the pile and to do work as we move forward."

The NCMFC was established in 2020 and is dedicated to preparing, promoting and producing minority football coaches and administrators at all levels of football.