Tomlin promises more info on Ben's injury


Head Coach Mike Tomlin**
(Opening Statement) "This was a good, tough ball game. It is good to come out on top of those. You grow infinitely when you find ways to pull those out. Obviously, it was not the type of game, in terms of how it unfolded, that we are searching for, but a win nonetheless. We are excited about it. I can't say enough about the efforts of the people in there. Hopefully we will learn and grow from this."

(On team injuries) "Obviously, (Steelers QB) Ben Roethlisberger has a knee and he is being evaluated. We will get him an MRI and I will have some information for you the next time we come together. (Steelers TE) Matt Spaeth, hurt his hand and that is being evaluated as well. The rest of it is normal bumps and bruises associated with playing."

(On the team's effort) "I can't say enough about the effort of all of the men in that locker room. It takes a collective effort to win a grimy game like that. It feels good to play good defense."

(On if he had a problem with the hit on Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger) "I didn't."

(On the defense's play) "Hopefully, it something that we can build on as a unit. It is good to put winning performances back to back. I told the group last night, if we are going to be the type of team we desire to be, we have to stack winning performance on top of winning performance. We have to be able to go on the road in a hostile environment and be able to win. We can check those two things off today and hopefully we can grow from it."

(On if he considered going for it on fourth and inches) "We were playing good enough defense where I felt comfortable to let those guys go play."

(On the comment that this was a hostile environment even with all of the Steelers fans in attendance) "The Rams' front had something to do with it being hostile. It might not necessarily mean the fans, it might just mean how they were playing. I have a lot of respect for those guys and knew it going in. That is why we talked about it the way we talked about it. They showed up and were themselves, give them credit for that."

(On Steelers QB Michael Vick) "He got us out of the stadium. That is what the backup quarterback's job is. If he has to play next week then he gets a full week of preparation. My standards and expectations will be different under those circumstances. It is above the line today, he got us out of the stadium."

(Roethlisberger's injury) "I don't even know the status of his health yet, so I would just be speculating a comment on that."

(On if Roethlisberger is being x-rayed an if they speculate a break) "Again, like I said, he is being evaluated. I gave you all of the information that I have. I promise that I will give you some more when I get it, just to get you off of my back."

(On the Rams' offensive line and handling changes) "I think they just played well. I don't want to take anything away from those guys. We knew what they were capable of, they played really well. Thankfully we also played really well. We did enough to win the football game. That is ultimately what matters. Six months from now we won't even remember all of this stuff; we will just remember that we got the job done. That is why we have the mentality that we have.

(On how he evaluates Vick) "This guy has been in the National Football League a long time. Nothing is really new to him. It is language, interpretation of language and getting up to speed. He is the type of guy that is in shape over a twelve-month calendar, so getting a level of football condition is not an issue. He just brought a lot of things to the table that were helpful in the process. With that being said, if he has to play then we have some work to do and we respect that as well."

(On Steelers RB Le'Veon Bell) "I like the way he plays the game. I like the energy in which he plays. He wants to be a reason why we win. He is never fazed by the elements, meaning we were playing good defense and yards were tough to come by, but he had a good look in his eye and he is always positive. Those are just some of the reasons that we like his play."

(On Steelers WR Antonio Brown) "I am glad he is on our team. I don't get into all of that global stuff. I wouldn't trade him for anybody."

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