Tomlin on win over the Colts

Mike Tomlin: It was nice to get a road win. We weren't able to do that until tonight. We're thankful for that. It wasn't easy by any stretch, but we didn't anticipate it being. They have quality people of course. They have great fans in a hostile environment. Fortunately for us we were able to make enough plays to get out. From an injury standpoint (Doug) Legursky has a shoulder; we'll see where he is. Marcus Gilbert, the same thing, shoulder. Arnaz Battle wasn't able to finish, he had a hamstring. Other injuries are bumps and bruises along the way. We tip our caps to the Indianapolis Colts. They fought us tooth and nail, we expected them to. It's good to get a win.

Can you talk about the lack of the running game tonight?
We take responsibility for what we put on tape. We acknowledge that they played extremely well in that regard. We could do better. They are a unique front; they're very quick; they get off on things. They disrupt the run with their quickness, particularly when you are using the silent count. I thought they did a nice job to utilize the home field advantage. We didn't do a good enough job of neutralizing in terms of play-making. It was tough sledding all night for the most part in that area. We have to do better.

Was there anything wrong with Rashard Mendenhall late?
No. We were just in two-minute football. We have a great deal of comfort in what Mewelde (Moore) is capable of doing. You saw what he is capable of doing.

Was there anything wrong with Jonathan Scott?
I didn't get that update. I am sorry. I'll have to let you know on that.

Was it a knee?
I don't know what it is. I am not going to speculate. I apologize for that. I was kind of running over here.

Can you talk about how hard it is going against a guy like Dwight Freeney?
It's difficult, don't get me wrong. It's doubly difficult when he's got another quality man on the other side in (Robert) Mathis. When there are two, you have big problems. I am sure people have been going through that the last nine or 10 years versus that tandem. One guy is tough when you are talking about the caliber of guys that they are. Two guys are extremely difficult.

Why the time out with eight seconds left? Why with that much time left?
Just in case we had a ball-handling issue or anything of that nature. We wanted to preserve enough time to do it again if necessary. It wasn't going to go down on one play. If we had a low snap or something we could afford to lose the four or five yards or whatever and re-kick the ball if necessary.

James Harrison has had the back problem. He looked pretty good tonight. Is he 100%?
He has been fine. We're not going to make excuses for how we played. That guy is on the field, he is capable of playing.

What did you think of his performance?
Obviously the big play was pivotal for us. I thought he was solid all night. I thought he was tough against the run. We had a lot of guys put forth quality efforts.

After last week's shutout, was that a return to winning ugly?
We don't care how it looks. We just want to try to get out of stadiums with wins, particularly road stadiums and AFC ones.

In such a close game, what made the difference tonight?
We probably made one or two more plays than they did. That is usually always the case in games such as that, close games. We made the necessary plays on offense, defense and special teams.

Did you play them differently without Peyton Manning in there?

Were you ready to throw a tight end in there at tackle?
Thankfully it didn't come to that.
Who does go in there at tackle if needed, one of the tight ends?

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