Tomlin on win over Panthers

Coach Mike Tomlin: It was a good ending to a nice preseason for us. We had an opportunity to evaluate some men. I think they represented themselves relatively well. Now it's on to the regular season. We have some necessary business to handle of course, which is taking 80 to 53. We'll start that process and continue on. I really appreciate the efforts of a lot of men. I was impressed by that not only tonight but throughout the whole thing. Virtually came out of this thing with no injuries tonight which of course at this juncture is awesome.

Can you talk about some of the players who didn't play tonight, what the decision was on that?
Some of our veteran, established players any of them who came into the game with nicks, even if it was minor, we exercised a little caution there. We need to take a look at some unproven guys anyway. We acknowledge that we are going to Baltimore next week.

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