Tomlin - January 4


Is Troy Polamalu ready to go?He is questionable at this point. He looked good enough today to be a game-time decision. I know that he feels well but we'll see prior to kickoff.

Will he be limited at all if he does play?

If he does play there will be no excuses.  The standard of expectation won't change. If he is going, he is going. It won't be one of those things, 'well, he was playing injured.' It is what it is.  If he is well enough to play those will be the standards.

Are you optimistic he will play?
He is questionable. It is a game-time decision.

How important is he in what you want to do against Jacksonville?

He is very important not only in terms of what we want to do against the Jaguars, but in terms of what we do. He is a Pro Bowl caliber player. He is a big part of what we do defensively.

Have you had a chance to reflect on what you have done this year?
I have not. I try to stay singularly focused and live in a tunnel if you will. I don't know if I ever capture a moment and evaluate it. I am always moving forward to the next one.

Have you had the chance to talk to Leslie Frazier about being a candidate for the Dolphins job?

I haven't talked to Leslie probably this season. I wish him well with that. He is a good man and a good football coach.

How did Allen Rossum look in practice?
He looked good enough today to be a game-time decision as well. That will make him questionable. He feels great though so we will see where he is prior to kickoff.

 Is it better to have Rossum at partial strength as opposed to someone like Santonio Holmes who hasn't been part of the return game this year? How do you weigh that?
I don't know that Santonio is someone who is part of the equation in terms of something to be weighed. Santonio caught punts this week as a precaution. If we have inclement weather and Rossum isn't ready to go, we have to have multiple returners back there to cover the field. That was the consideration in regards to Santonio, not as the primary returner.

How frustrating are injuries at this time of year?

It's no more frustrating than any other time of year. I have just come to accept that injuries are part of it. Like I said earlier in the week it's as much a part of football as blocking and tackling. You deal with it. Those that don't deal with it are at home watching. We are glad to be a part of this 12-team field. We are not going to use it as an excuse. We are not going to let it weigh us down. The healthy guys have to play and play to a standard that is acceptable.

What is the mindset of the team? Are they tight or nervous?
They don't appear to be. Hopefully they are wired and ready to go and a little angry about being an underdog at their home. That's my hope. But well see at eight o'clock tomorrow night.

Are you hearing any comments from the players on the game being shown on the televisions?

There were some rumblings, but that's elevator music. I hear it but I don't.

Players talk about the speed of the game picking up in the post-season. Is it the same for you?
It is. You can't manufacture these feelings that you have when you are playing single-elimination football. That's what makes it special. That's what makes it exciting.

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