Tomlin: 3 things to know for Seahawks game

  1. On the run:* *The Steelers ground game is definitely in the capable hands of DeAngelo Williams, but who gets the carries behind him is a process that continues to evolve. Jordan Todman has been his backup to date, but only has four carries. Isaiah Pead, who was signed on Nov. 2, has yet to be active for a game. But Coach Mike Tomlin likes the progress both are making in the offense, and is leaving the options open.

"It's been fun watching those guys get work," said Tomlin. "Some of the things you do in bye weeks is provide work for those who needed it. Those are two guys specifically. We gave those guys great work a week ago. We are going to continue to give those guys great work. One has been here longer than the other. We are getting to know both. We are going to make that determination as we watch them work throughout the week. It may be one, it may be the other, or it may be combinations of both depending on the circumstances. I like the work of both guys, both guys are getting better, and clocking in with that attitude on a day-to-day basis."* * 2. Rock steady:* *Will Gay is a savvy veteran, a guy who in his ninth season that has provided needed stability in the secondary, while also making the plays he needs to make.

"He has been rock solid," said Tomlin. "Whether it's inside or outside in sub, Will is a guy that is always ready and always making a smart play. Sometimes the plays you don't have to make are as important as the plays that you make. The quality of play at his position, and him specifically, often times you say that was a quiet game for Will Gay because he is doing what he needs to do in terms of minimizing the plays that he has to make. I have been really pleased with the consistency of his performance."* * 3.

Keep it down: The noise level in Seattle is something that always draws attention and in 2013 fans at CenturyLink Field broke the Guinness World Record for the highest peak decibel level, 136.6 decibels, ever recorded at a stadium. While Tomlin knows noise is a factor there, he said it's up to the Steelers to control the level this week.

"We respect it, but we also acknowledge like we acknowledge any time we are playing in a hostile venue the quality of our play has something to do with that," said Tomlin. "We tend to focus on the things that we can control. If we are playing well, if we minimize negativity, it will aid our efforts in making that a variable that is less significant than it can be."

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