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Throw the Ultimate Steelers Game Day Party

Whether you are at Heinz Field or in the comfort of your living room, there is nothing like watching Steelers football with friends and family. It's a bonding experience, shared by generations and enjoyed with new comers who also share a common interest of loving the black and gold.

While not everyone is able to make it to Heinz Field to see games in person, every Steelers fan can enjoy that game day experience right at home, and has the perfect solution to make your Steelers game day party the best one ever.

  1. Get Your Beverage Situation Right

It all starts not with what's in the cooler, but what you use to enjoy your favorite beverage. What's more enjoyable than your favorite beer in a chilled Steelers glasses and mugs? It's the perfect solution as you sit back and watch the team score touchdowns.

Let's say you want to keep it a little more laid back and not worry about things getting knocked over, then make sure that cooler is a Terrible Towel can cooler, or you have some bottle jersey coolers on hand. And of course, you have to have Steelers coasters on hand to make sure you protect your black and gold furniture.

  1. Set the Black and Gold Mood

Want to make sure everyone knows where the game day party is, then be sure that your Steelers flag is hanging out front. And a few Terrible Towels are a dead giveaway that Steelers fans live there. And even if you have one, there are so many to choose from that you can never have enough Terrible Towels.

The Steelers have such a storied history, with six Super Bowl championships, and you can show your pride with Steelers history gear on the walls of your black and gold painted fan cave. Everyone does have one of those, right?

Make sure to make your guests comfortable too, with Steelers blankets, throw pillows and even some plush toys for the kids all around the room.

3.Give Them the Food They Want

What's a party without great food? This is the one area where you want to make sure you are well-prepared.

How can you eke out an extra yard with your food? Make sure you're going for the best of the best.  

  • Get your wings from a local butcher instead of the grocery store. You'll get wings that even the local sports bar will envy.
  • Serving cocktail dogs? Forget the frozen aisle. Grab some mini dogs in a pack, and wrap them in crescent rolls.
  • Frozen burgers? No way. Get some fresh hamburger and mix it up with some bold spices, maybe even some chipotle peppers for a little kick.
  • Don't skimp on the nachos. Load them up with as many toppings, especially guacamole and cheese, as you can fit on them. Throw the whole platter under the broiler to get gooey cheese and crisp chips.
  • And for those looking to eat healthy, how about a chicken or steak salad. And for those not worried about the calories, turn it up a notch and make it a Pittsburgh salad by adding some fries.

Black and gold snacks are also plentiful, you just have to look. We did and found these black and gold M&Ms in bulk. They'll give everyone the sugar rush they need before you break out the wings, the burgers, and everything else.

  1. Pre-Game, Halftime, and Post-Game

Make sure make it an all-day event by greeting your guests with your own pregame show filled with highlight videos of your favorite Steelers teams and games.

At halftime challenge everyone to the cornhole bean bag set and maybe even give the winner of their own new Terrible Towel each week.

And why not unwind with a few games of cards as you analyze the Steelers win.

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