This and That: RBs, rookies and lessons


Just a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, from this week.

Guard Ramon Foster on the running game being ranked No. 5 in the NFL:
"To hear we're No. 5, we have to stay that way throughout the season. That will be the biggest thing, staying consistent. The more accolades you get, the bigger the target on your back so we have to continue to push."

Running back DeAngelo Williams on rookie tight end Jesse James' first game last week:
"He did a great job. You see it in practice all of the time. We are all battled tested when it comes to game time because of the practices we have. To take it to the game, you have seen the looks the defense gave you before and you go out and execute what you have been doing up until this point." * *Cody Wallace on right tackle Marcus Gilbert:
"Shoot, he's slimmed down so much but he's playing really well. His feet are better and he's able to move well but heavy enough to stop the bull rush. He works well and he's out there moving. I think he's developed his punch and that's helped him offset losing the 20-30 pounds, whatever it was. He's learning his technique and getting better."

Cam Heyward on defense being more consistent:   *"We've got to quit riding the roller coaster," Heyward said. "We've got to stay even and got to be consistent in this league. If you're not, you're bound to get beat." *

The Steelers prepare for the week 10 matchup against the Cleveland Browns.

Tight end Jesse James on how he got prepared to play:
"I had a few weeks to watch from the sideline. I felt prepared and was ready to go."

DeAngelo Williams on his blocking:
"I love chip blocking and helping out the offensive line. They block every play and do a great job for us allowing us to get the attention. They don't get the credit they deserve. Having the opportunity to get in there and mix it up and exact some revenge on the guys that have been hitting you all day is fun."

Running back Jordan Todman on learning from DeAngelo Williams:
"I look at his longevity. Running backs average years can be three. It's impressive how long he has played. I pick his brain to see what he has done to last so long and be able to do it at a high level continuously."

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