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This and That: Blame game, Jacoby & more


Just a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, from this week.


Don't blame them: **There are a lot of people pointing at the Steelers secondary for the breakdown last week against the Seahawks, but Cam Heyward isn't one of them. He is putting the blame on the entire defense.

"It's a defense thing," said Heyward. "I have to play better. Everyone has to play better. It's not just the defensive backfield. That is ludicrous. We are a team, we are a group. When one player doesn't play well, we all don't play well because we have to pick up the slack."

  • In the rhythm: It's taken a little longer than he hoped, but receiver/kick returner Jacoby Jones is getting into the groove with the special teams unit. Jones had four kickoff returns for 118 yards, a 29.5-yard average and a long of 36 yards. He also returned two punt for 17 yards, including a 14-yard return.

"It's just getting in that rhythm and it shows the work we did that week in practice," said Jones. "It's about getting our chemistry with the guys. You get a feel for each other, how I run, how these guys like to set up blocks. Once that happens it's all downhill from here."

Getting ready: Running back Fitzgerald Toussaint was activated from the practice squad last Friday, but then inactive for Sunday's game in Seattle. He is hoping, though, that he shows enough that over the course of the next five games he will be able to contribute on special teams or to the offense.

"I can bring a lot to special teams," said Toussaint. "I can bring good technique. I can bring hard work and effort. I want to help on offense too. I can be a team player and do what I need to do when called."

Toussaint, who had been on the practice squad all season before he was activated, said he is approaching this week the same as he has every week this season, focusing on what he needs to and understanding he always has to be ready.
"Nothing has really changed," said Toussaint. "I am continuing to stay focused. The urgency I have now is the same as I had since I have been here, getting myself ready for anything. Anything can happen and I am getting ready for that.

"Now I know what I need to work on. I am still getting a feel for everything. It's a growing process every single day. My biggest challenge is myself and I have to make sure I prepare and focus on the stuff I am doing off the field in the playbook and make sure I am ready."

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