The NFL from a different perspective

When you think about the NFL, you normally think about the players, the men of brute strength who take the field every Sunday in the fall and winter and battle it out.

But there is way more to the NFL than those who play the game, and as a part of the league's 100th season, they premiered A Lifetime of Sundays at the NFL Owners Meeting, a look at the history of the game through the eyes of four iconic females, including Patricia Rooney, wife of late Steelers Chairman Dan Rooney.

Rooney is featured along with the Bears Virginia McCaskey, the Lions Martha Firestone Ford, and the Chiefs Norma Hunt, in the documentary that gives you a look at the NFL from four very private women who shared amazing insight and perspective on the game they love so much and have seen grow into the game it is today.

The documentary is narrated by Academy Award winner Regina King, who shares a love of football with these iconic women.

"I was thrilled to contribute to this amazing celebration of women in the NFL," said Regina King. "I have loved this sport since I was a little girl and I hope this inspires women to seek out leadership positions in the NFL, in sports and in life."

"The experience of making A Lifetime of Sundays was as inspiring as the women themselves," said Julie Haddon, Senior Vice President of Global Brand and Consumer Marketing, who produced the documentary with Jane Skinner Goodell and Emmy Award winner Bill McCullough. "We had unprecedented access and hours of firsthand interviews, coupled with anecdotes from players, coaches, family and fans. Our film proudly shines a light on the significant roles these women have played over a lifetime of football as they led teams in an era where women in leadership was not common. We're excited to share this with audiences and honored to have Regina as our narrator."

Details on when it will air are still to be finalized.

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