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The hunt is on


Thursday night is the final audition, the last chance to prove that the 53-man roster is where they belong. And while some players throughout the NFL will go into it with nerves, Steelers' linebacker L.J. Fort is pumped for the opportunity.

"I can't wait," said Fort. "I am excited.

"It's huge. It's the final game that decides the 53-man roster and I want to put my best performance out there."

Fort is trying to make a case for himself this preseason after being claimed off of waivers from the New England Patriots on Aug. 19. He has had limited opportunities by not joining the team until the third preseason game, but he definitely has taken advantage of the ones he has been given, even throwing in a tribute to Joey Porter after a sack against the Packers when he did Porter's trademark boot kick.

"Growing up I was a huge football fan," said Fort. "I watched Joey growing up. It was awesome I got a sack and was able to do that."

But there is more he wants to do.

"I have a lot to get better at," said Fort. "I have gotten a ton better already just from the coaches. Jerry Olsavsky is helping me, showing me how to use my hands a lot better. I just have to continue to get better."

The one thing he definitely understands is to make it, special teams has to be the key. And on Thursday night, he won't hold back.

"I just fly around," said Fort. "I am in shape, I just have to pay attention to detail and go all out. Special teams is what I am going to be playing if I make the roster. That is what my main emphasis and what my focus is on, running around on the field on special teams.

"Like Coach (Mike) Tomlin always says you have to hunt. So every time I step out on the field all I think about is hunting."

While Fort watched some of his teammates depart on Monday when the team got down to the mandatory 75-man roster, he didn't let it rattle him. He has been through all of that, having bounced around from team to team since 2012.   

"You learn from the veterans to keep it even keeled, don't get too high and don't get too low," said Fort. "Just keep pounding. That is my mindset going into it. Just keep pounding."

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