Teryl Austin's time to reluctantly shine

Observations on what was seen and heard on the NFL Network during Day Four of the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis:

DRILL THE TERYL AUSTIN WAY: Steelers senior defensive assistant/secondary coach Teryl Austin got the drill he authored incorporated into the on-field program at Lucas Oil Stadium and he ran the show while putting the defensive backs through his particular set of paces.

But Austin also had a price to pay.

NFL Network reporter Kim Jones explained: "One of my favorite parts of this Combine is that Teryl Austin is mortified that this drill is named after him. Yeah, it's his drill and (Steelers General Manager) Kevin Colbert took it to the committee and they all decided they wanted to run it and they decided to name it after (Austin). But both he and Duce Staley, who has his own running backs drill, two guys I've known a long time, we've had a lot of fun laughing these past few days.

"They are not guys who want to be in the spotlight or want their names (mentioned). I think it's great for the kids doing the drills. I think it's great for the league to have Teryl Austin right there running his drill, just like it was for Duce the other night. But they hate it."

Austin's drill required defensive backs to begin with a backpedal, turn and open their hips while continuing to drop into coverage, plant, drive forward and attempt to intercept a pass.

Jets safety and NFL Network Combine analyst Jamal Adams was a big fan of the procedure.

"This is my favorite drill right here," Adams said. "It's real football, this happens in the game. This could be a comeback route right here.

"The most underrated thing that us DBs understand is driving first. You make more plays on the ball when you drive first instead of looking at that quarterback. Because if you look at that quarterback, he's not throwing to you. Understand now, he's ls throwing to that receiver, and that receiver knows where he's going. We don't know where the receiver's going, so this is a good drill to simulate game. That's what it's about now."

Austin could be heard barking commands as the drill progressed and the discussion continued: "Remember, all vision, right? Walk … turn … open …. c'mon … that's it!"

Austin also ran a drill in which defensive backs had to backpedal, move laterally, change direction and intercept a pass while running across the field.

TOMLIN'S TIME: Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin's airtime didn't quite match Austin's, but Tomlin was shown for a few seconds watching defensive backs run their 40-yard dashes.

"That's a good one right there," NFL Network analyst Deion Sanders observed. "By God, that's a good coach.

"They thought it was over, right? He turned that team around with, I don't even know who was quarterbacking at the end of the season, I really don't."

CLEVELAND CHATTER: Sanders also had some thoughts on the Cleveland Browns' offense.

"How can you not be successful with the tools that you have offensively there?" Sanders said. "I'm sick of people talking about Odell (Beckham Jr.) this and Odell that. He didn't forget how to run a route. He didn't forget how to catch the ball. Let's look deeper. C'mon, now, let's look deeper.

"We gotta check the guy behind the center."

Added NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah: "They need to go to that left (offensive) tackle store, too."

That conversation got started when the Browns' new head coach, Kevin Stefanski, was pictured observing the festivities.

"Another coaching change there," NFL Network host Rich Eisen observed. "Let's see if this one sticks for a while."

THIS COMBINE'S A WRAP: The final day of coverage include some brief summations of all that had taken place.

NFL Network analyst Peter Schrager: "My big takeaway as I'm leaving Indianapolis is gonna be the quality of character we have in this draft class."

Jeremiah: "The surprise was the linebackers but the receivers came in with all the hype and they delivered."

And Jones: "The talent evaluators, who can sometimes, you know, walk the line and be a little bit surly by this point, tell me they are loving this Combine. They are loving this talent."