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Taylor: 'I am just happy to be out there'

The extra bounce in Ike Taylor's step comes as no surprise as he is enjoying being given the green light to return to action after missing the last eight games with a broken forearm.

Taylor worked with the first team defense for the first time in practice on Monday, and expects to play against the Saints.

"I am just happy to be out there," said Taylor. "I understand the situation. I know it's a process when you break your forearm. I am just ready to be back on the field."

Taylor said he never thought his injury would be career-threatening, but just wondered when he would play next.

"The first thing I thought about was how long until I get back," said Taylor. "The first thing I asked the doctors was about the two long plates in my arm. He said you just broke your forearm, what do you know about the plates? I am not a doctor, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn. At the same time that is how it is. That's my mind frame, how long it's going to take to get back."

Taylor's return is against his hometown team, the New Orleans Saints, but he wouldn't care who the Steelers were playing. He just wants to play.

"I am just glad to be back with my guys," said Taylor. "It just happens to be New Orleans."

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