Taylor feels consistency is a key


By Teresa Varley

Cornerback Ike Taylor doesn't plan on being anywhere near a television set this weekend when the NFL Divisional Playoff games are being played.

"Right now I can't even watch football," said Taylor. "I don't even want to talk about football. I'm not into football right now."

And that is because the pain is still so fresh from the Steelers loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Saturday night at Heinz Field.

"It hurts," said a disappointed Taylor.  "The game is over with.  The season is over with.  There is nothing we can do about it.  Just try to move on and for the time being right now, just get some down time and time with my family."

Taylor had high hopes to be preparing for a game this weekend. It would be the next step in his ultimate goal for this year. And it kills him that he fell short of that goal.

* *

"Not winning and not hoisting the Lombardi Trophy…there's really no positives," said Taylor. "For me, that's my goal.  For somebody else it might be different, but I doubt it.  I'm just talking about my opinion."

The Steelers defense finished the season ranked number one in the NFL and third against the run allowing an average of 89.9 yards per game. They were also third against the pass, allowing 176.5 yards per game.

So while the talent is there, something was still missing and Taylor points to the ups and downs the team had this season.

"We just have to be consistent on both ends of the ball, all three phases of the game - special teams, offense and defense," said Taylor. "We just have to hold ourselves to even higher standards coming in next year.

"(Consistency) just was an issue.  I can't really put a finger on it.  It just was this year.  To be successful you can't have that.  You pretty much have to be consistent week in and week out.  That is something we need to work on. We've got what it takes on both sides of the ball.  The other teams that have been winning – it is consistency.  That's all I am going to keep saying - consistency."

Taylor talked shortly before his end of season meeting with head coach Mike Tomlin, but after he met with defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau, who gave Taylor some guidance for the offseason.

"He told me stay healthy and get ready for the next season," said Taylor.  "We did some things on the defense that we wanted to do.  But our goal was to be number one.  Which we came two teams short. That's what it is.  This league is a great league full of athletes and great players.  We just have to be consistent in every phase."

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