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Take 5 with Brice McCain

Cornerback Brice McCain weighs in on what he loved about last season in this installment of Take 5.


What was last season like for you and in what ways was it different from your time with Houston?**
"In Houston I was never this comfortable as I am here for one year. I was in Houston for five years. I got more comfortable here in one year than I was in Houston for five years. It's crazy. I did love the guys there. The coaches I played for."

What was it that made you feel so comfortable?
"Something about this place, it was so different when I first walked in here. I knew there was going to be something special about this group. I am very disturbed we didn't go further than we did, but I learned so much from this team."

At the end of the season, safety Mike Mitchell was in tears. Is it because of that special feeling you guys had about each other?
"It's different here. Mike and I came in and didn't know what to expect. We came in blind and didn't know the Steelers way. But we always had it in us. He was in tears because we are so close. These guys would do anything for you. We felt like if we didn't win the Super Bowl we were letting those guys down. We felt like we let Troy down. He wanted it so bad, we wanted it so bad. I think we could have done more, but who doesn't when they don't win it all."


Photos of the 2014 Cornerbacks.

A year ago you didn't know what the 'Steelers way' was. After a season here, how would you describe the 'Steelers way'? **
"It's hard-nosed. You are going to get a pounding the Steelers way. You are going to respect the Steelers. The Steelers are going to fight until the end. The Steelers dictate. We don't take punches, we give punches. I think that's the Steelers way on the field.

"Off the field the Steelers way is family, it's a close knit group, once a Steeler, always a Steeler. I think that speaks for itself. You can see from the players how they feel about each other, how the families feel about each other. It goes a long way."

You mentioned not wanting to let guys down. You guys really were that close, weren't you?
"You look in their eyes every day and see the hunger and fight. You don't want to let these guys down. That is why I love this place so much. Troy (Polamalu), Ike (Taylor), they love the game so much. The love for the game is amazing here. I love it. It's amazing. You don't want to let these guys down. They know what it is. They know what it takes.

"Troy will tell you what is about to happen before the play. He will tell you during the play what is going to happen. I would think if I don't make this play I am going to let him down because he will tell what is going to happen and they will run exactly what he said they were going to run."

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