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Steelers sign Snell

The Steelers signed fourth-round draft pick Benny Snell to a four-year contract. Snell, who played at the University of Kentucky, was selected with the 122nd pick overall.

Snell started 27 of the 39 games he played at Kentucky and broke or tied 14 school records. The most notable one for the young running back is career rushing yards, holding the record with 3,873. He rushed for 1,449 yards in 2018 and was a second-team All-American and first-team All-SEC selection.

"I'm really excited about Benny," said running backs coach Eddie Faulkner. "Very evident when you sit down with this young man how much passion he has for the game, how much he loves it, how he loves being around it. We were very interested in finding someone who had a passion and just loves football, and that's Benny Snell. As soon as you turn on his tape, and watch how he plays the game, he mirrors that same amount of passion. He plays physical, plays hard, and quite honestly represents the Steelers brand, as you watch him play as a football player."

Snell said he was familiar with the Steelers offensive style before he was even drafted and that he fits right into the mold.

"It's hard-nosed football," said Snell. "I am grinding for every yard. I am a physical player. My style of running is Steelers football. Pittsburgh football. That is what I am going to bring."

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