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Steelers sign Green

The Steelers signed rookie center Kendrick Green, the team's third round selection in the 2021 NFL Draft, the 87th pick overall. Green is the team's final draft pick to sign.

Green played at the University of Illinois, starting all eight games in 2020, and finishing out his college career with 33 straight starts.

He was a USA Today second team All-America selection, an Associated Press All-Big Ten first team selection and a consensus All-Big Ten first team selection.

Green has played both center and guard in his career, starting three games at center in 2020.

"I play with a mean streak," said Green. "I play hard. I play physical. I've played football that way my whole life. It's just who I am. Growing up, the neighborhood I am from. I am from a neighborhood called the East Bluff in Peoria, Illinois. It's kind of a rough place to live. Just growing up with that aggressive vibe is what I needed. I didn't want to let anyone punk me."

That attitude has Green in a perfect spot with the Steelers, a team that fits his personality perfectly.

"They are a gritty team," said Green. "It's gritty football played in Pittsburgh. Real physical football. I think it will be a perfect match for me. I feel like the coaching staff believes in me and are willing to let me go to work. I just want to get my face in the playbook and learn. The faster I learn the playbook and the offense, the faster I can play. I feel like I am pretty football savvy, have a good football IQ. I love X's and O's. That has always been a thing for me. I really like talking ball, so I am excited."

While he has the versatility to play center or guard, he said from what he has been told, center it is.

"Wherever I need to play, I will play. Right now, it's looking like center, so that is what I am ready to do," said Green. "Being a center is like the quarterback of the offense. You have to have leadership qualities."