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Steelers sign Gentry

The Steelers signed fifth-round draft pick Zach Gentry to a four-year contract. Gentry, who played at the University of Michigan with first-round pick Devin Bush, was selected with the 141st pick overall.

Gentry had 49 receptions for 817 yards and four touchdowns combined in 2017 and 2018 after converting from quarterback at Michigan. He is still raw, but at 6-7, 248, there is a lot to work with.
"He's a good football player, long frame," said tight ends coach James Daniel. "He went to Michigan as a quarterback, and he's converted to tight end. He's had a couple years of experience playing there. He's a guy we are excited about getting in and getting to work with. He's more depth at the receiving end. He has some adjusting to do. He can become a good blocker. I think the kid is excited about it and willing."

Gentry started 24 of the 33 games he played in and finished with 49 catches for 817 yards and four touchdowns. His final season he earned All-Big Ten third-team and All-Big Ten honorable mention honors. He started 13 games that season, catching 32 passes for 514 yards and two touchdowns.

Gentry, who is 6-8, 265, said he is comfortable with his ability to break tackles, but it's yards after catch that he wants to focus on improving.

"I think I did a decent job in college of breaking tackles, but I think something I need to work on a little bit is running after the catch," said Gentry. "I'm a big target, but I think I'll be able to take some hits as well because of my size."

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