Steelers Launch Irish Podcast

The 2023 season has seen the Pittsburgh Steelers launch an exciting new podcast dedicated to Irish fans. The Irish Steelers Podcast will offer fresh new insight and access to exclusive Steelers content on a weekly basis. The podcast follows the announcement in May that the Steelers have been granted rights to expand their brand and activities in Ireland, as part of the NFL's 'Global Markets Program'. 

The podcast is part of a continued commitment to serve current fans of the game of American football, as well as to on-board new fans, throughout the island of Ireland through unique content and in-market events.

Earlier this year, the team launched dedicated Irish social channels and intends to hold its first in-market event this upcoming season by hosting a fan watch party.

The franchise founders and owners, the Rooney family, maintain a deep connection to the island through their ancestral roots in Newry Co. Down and this is reflected in the Steelers enduring popularity here. For his outstanding work and passion for Ireland, Daniel M Rooney, was appointed as the United States Ambassador to Ireland and was also one of the founders of The Ireland Funds which promotes peace, equality, and opportunity across the island of Ireland and among Irish communities worldwide.

The Irish Steelers Podcast will dive into all the NFL action from a Steelers perspective. Michael McQuaid, a native of Northern Ireland, has experience working in and around the NFL and, along with other colleagues at Pro Football Ireland, will serve as host for the podcast, which will be produced in Ireland. The podcast will take an in-depth look into the game providing game reviews and breakdowns as well as previews of the next week's fixture. The podcast will look to engage fans with some fresh and organic content and insight from members of its U.S.-based radio team, as well as former and current players.

Dan Rooney, Director of Business Development and Strategy: "We are excited to bring the Irish Steelers Podcast to the island of Ireland. With new content coming regularly throughout the upcoming NFL season, we look forward to it being a great place for our fans across the island and beyond to hear Steelers talk, news and analysis."

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