Steelers fans bleed black and gold


By Teresa Varley  Steelers fans bleed black and gold and they proved that on Monday when they turned out in full force inside the Steelers locker room at Heinz Field for the team's annual blood drive. A total of 677 units of blood were donated, which will help save numerous lives.

Fans who donated to the Central Blood Bank had the opportunity to receive gifts, be eligible to win prizes and meet former Steelers players.

"It's our second year doing it in the locker room and what we are trying to do is set up a nice experience for our donors who unselfishly give of themselves," said Lisa Cassidy of the Central Blood Bank. "We try to do nice events like this with the Steelers that not only are you coming to donate blood to help area patients, but you are also getting the experience of being in the Steelers locker room.
"The Central Blood Bank is Pittsburgh's regional blood center so it's two great community organizations working together to help the community."

Donors came decked out in their black and gold from the Pittsburgh area and as far away as California, making it a part of the Steelers-Ravens weekend.

The Steelers rank eighth in terms of units donated by local Pittsburgh corporations, much of it thanks to the fans.

"This is our home, it's our community," said former Steelers offensive lineman Tunch Ilkin. "As members of this community you want to get involved and be part of what's going on."

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