Steelers embrace whatever-it-takes mentality


The Steelers prepare for the Week 13 matchup against the New York Giants.

DRAWING A CROWD:** Wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has the Steelers' attention, and will again on Sunday.

But covering Beckham will be only a part of what the Steelers are hoping to accomplish on defense against the New York Football Giants.

"They've won six in a row, so there hasn't been a lot of success lately," cornerback Stephon Tuitt said of how teams have defended Beckham. "We just have to do whatever it takes to win the ballgame, whether that's turnovers, whether it's disruption, whether that's blitzing off the edge and trying to get to the quarterback.

"We're going to try to change it up and show them some different things."

Beckham has 65 catches for 915 yards and eight touchdowns.

"What we've seen is people always double Odell Beckham, that's just a standard, almost like (with Steelers' wide receiver) Antonio Brown," Cockrell continued. "Teams are always going to double-team him, it doesn't matter who the corner is, I'm sure that's what they're expecting.

"We'll see what we have."

ELI'S EYES: When the Giants' offense operates out of the no-huddle, something the Steelers anticipate the Giants will do often, it'll be up to the Steelers to disguise their coverages from quarterback Eli Manning.

Or will it?

"He'll be looking at me and (strong safety) Sean (Davis)," free safety Mike Mitchell said. "Usually the safeties tell the coverage. He'll be trying to look at us, see where we're trying to wiggle to when we're trying to get to our spots. He does a good job of it. It's up-tempo but it's not really a hurry-up offense. He does a good job being in control of it and command of it. He's searching us for information to make his job easier.

"We might be showing him some things we're not in. We might be showing him what we're in. That'll be for him to figure out on Sunday."

Mitchell has matched up with Manning previously.

"Carolina, 38-zip," Mitchell said, recalling his days with the Panthers. "It worked out well."

HERE THEY COME: Center Maurkice Pouncey doesn't perceive the Giants' defense as especially complex.

Formidable? Absolutely, but not complex.

"They run a four-down front," Pouncey said. "They don't really mix it up to much. They blitz a little bit but they do a good job of just playing the run really well and their coverage and rush works together.

"It's pretty simplified, get up there, point out the 'Mike' (linebacker) and get out there and block those guys."

"They have a good front and their (strong) safety (Landon Collins) is playing really well," Pouncey said. "(Defensive end Jason) Pierre-Paul's heating it up and they have the two big guys inside (tackles Damon Harrison and Johnathan Hankins). Overall they have a good defense."

The Steelers will attack the Giants' defense with an offense that's gaining confidence collectively.

"We're just doing a good job of staying together, playing as one, going out there and working our butts off every day and trying to produce on Sundays," Pouncey said.

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