So You Think You Can Cheer?


So You Think You Can Cheer? *
Official Rules and Entry Information

Groups should have up to 17 cheerleaders

Routine should last UNDER :45

Performance area is a round stage, 24' diameter, 2.5' high

This is a Cheer Competition only, not a dance competition so music
will not be permitted.

Voting will take place on-line only at There are no judges in this competition. It is up to your community, schools, and football programs to cast the most votes!

Voting will start on the Sunday that your performance airs and close 1 (one) week after your performance airs. That information will be given to you at the time of your performance.

Winners will be announced at our annual Rookie Challenge Show.

This is intended to be a fun experience to allow cheerleaders to be part of the McDonald's Steelers KidZONE Show!

Organized Cheerleading Groups, Competitive or Non-Competitive can register to participate by contacting:

Cassie Altimus,producer at

Come out and represent
YOUR Youth Football Program
On the McDonald's Steelers KidZONE!

To vote for the weekly winner go to the poll on the KidZONE page on the lower left!!

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