Smith feels Boswell is 'out of the rut'

Last year Chris Boswell, who was a full participant in practice on Wednesday despite a left foot injury, missed three field goals all season.

This year he has missed three in the first four games, including going one for four in the first three games.

But against Baltimore it appeared whatever the issue was, it was solved as Boswell was two for two on field goal attempts and seemed to be back on track.

"Boz is a good player that hadn't played good," said special teams coordinator Danny Smith. "Hopefully we are out of that rut. We found some things in the technique of his game. We made some adjustments and it showed in the game. He was two for two and he is expected to do that.

"There is nobody that works harder at it than him. He is a great guy. He is a good player that didn't play good. That is on he and I. We think we found some solutions to that. Some adjustments to that. Some things he got away from. We think hopefully we got it corrected as we move on."

Smith said it was a combination of looking at video from practices and from previous games to get a feel for what the issue was.

"It's in footwork, approach, timing, operation," said Smith. "The two specific areas we found we got it on video, got it on video in practice, made some adjustments, video in a game. We looked at some big kicks he made in the past.

"Then it is a matter of muscle memory to get back to those things. That isn't an easy task. That isn't easy, but he is expected to make those kicks and I think he will."

Smith doesn't just work through things like muscle memory and technique with Boswell when he is struggling, it's something he does all of the time.

"You stress the positives," said Smith. "Encourage him, muscle memory. This is how we made it, why you made it, this is the swing, the follow through. We stay on those things no matter how good it's going."