Sharing their story for a Super Ad


By Teresa Varley

Steelers players recently had a chance to 'share their story' with the NFL as a part of the "Super Ad III: Believe in Now" National Fan Promotion.
Players have an opportunity to share an untold football story as part of a promotion to show fans a different side of NFL players. Fans will be able to view the videos on line later in the season and then vote on them. One overall winner will be featured in the NFL's Super Bowl Ad.

Among the Steelers who took part in filming there story were nose tackle Chris Hoke and center Justin Hartwig.
Hoke shared the story of his battle to make the Steelers team, coming in as a rookie free agent and not playing his first three years behind Casey Hampton, with the exception of some special teams snaps.
"It's something that defines my career here with the Pittsburgh Steelers," said Hoke as to why he chose the story. "I talked about coming here and fighting my way on to the team and get my break back in 2004 when Casey got hurt. I started 12 games and we went to the AFC Championship game. Those experiences built me, built my reputation and built me as a person and as a player."
Last year Hartwig filmed a spot talking about the beard that he grew during the season. This year it was all about what he went through his rookie year while with the Tennessee Titans.


"They liked to mess with us a lot," said Hartwig. "I had to sing all of the time in front of the offensive line. I had to keep the fridge stocked with specific drinks and have snacks filled up to a certain line on the wall by the table.
"The other thing I had to do one time in front of the entire team, I had to get down on one knee and serenade Neil O'Donnell by singing You Lost That Loving Feeling to him. It was terrible."
Several other Steelers also filmed a spot and the NFL will select one of the stories to represent the Steelers in the national voting. If Hoke or Hartwig are selected, they have their campaign speeches ready in order to get your vote.
"They should vote for me because I am a likeable guy," said Hoke. "I defied all of the odds. I came in here as a free agent. I had to fight through everything. I went through training camps and for three years without playing except for two field goal blocked snaps. I am the guy you have to root for."
Hartwig thinks he should garner your vote as well.
"Vote for the little guy; vote for the nobody," said Hartwig. "That's who I was when I came in to the NFL - the nobody just trying to make it. I didn't come into the league with my head too big. I was just trying to make it. I feel like I can relate to the people."

Stay tuned to in the season for your chance to vote.

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