Playoff picture much clearer

As far as the playoffs go, the most important thing has been decided for the Steelers. They are in.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are AFC North Champions. Check out the celebration on the field and in the locker room.

But a lot still has to be determined, including who they will play and when.

The Steelers 31-27 win over the Ravens secured the AFC North and a No. 3 seed. The Steelers will play a home game at Heinz Field the weekend of Jan. 7-8, but the exact date and time of the game is still to be determined.

The same story holds true for who the Steelers opponent will be. The Steelers will play either the Kansas City Chiefs (11-4) or Miami Dolphins (10-5), whichever team finishes as the No. 6 seed.  

The Dolphins are currently the six seed, but if they beat the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, and the Chiefs lose to the San Diego Chargers on the road, Miami would jump into the No. 5 spot based on tiebreakers.

The Steelers beat the Chiefs, 43-14, at Heinz Field on Oct. 2, and lost to the Dolphins, 30-15, at Hard Rock Stadium on Oct. 16.


*(Thru 12/25/16)


1. New England Patriots 13 2 0 .867
2. Oakland Raiders 12 3 0 .800
3. Pittsburgh Steelers 10 5 0 .667
4. Houston Texans 9 6 0 .600
5. Kansas City Chiefs 11 4 0 .733
6. Miami Dolphins 10 5 0 .667

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