Playoff games a ratings hit

The NFL Divisional Playoffs and college football's BCS Championship Game accounted for the five most-watched shows on TV last week.  
Each of the NFL Divisional Playoff games had nine million more viewers than the annual Golden Globe Awards (14.9 million) and 11 million more viewers than the season premiere of "24" (12.6 million).
Most-Watched Shows on Television, Week of Jan. 5-11, 2009
Program                                                                       Average Viewers
1. CBS AFC Divisional Playoff (Chargers-Steelers)       34.1 million
2. FOX NFC Divisional Playoff (Eagles-Giants)              31.4 million
3. BCS Championship Game (Florida-Oklahoma)               26.8 million
4. CBS AFC Divisional Playoff (Ravens-Titans)             25.5 million
5. FOX NFC Divisional Playoff (Cardinals-Panthers)     23.8 million
6. The Mentalist                                                             19.6 million
7. NCIS                                                                         19.1 million
8. Tostitos Fiesta Bowl (Texas-Ohio State)                      17.1 million
9. 60 Minutes                                                                15.0 million
10. Golden Globe Awards                                              14.9 million
Source: NFL & Nielsen Media Research

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