Steelers Nation Unite

Picture perfect moment for Steelers fans

They gathered in large groups, they gathered in small groups. Some were friends, some families, and some met for the first time.

They gathered near and far, from country to country, all tied to gather by a common bond.

They are all Steelers fans.

On Sunday, September 1, they all smiled for the camera wherever they were to show their support of the Steelers as the team prepares to kick off the regular season this week against the New England Patriots on Sunday Night Football.

The idea started off as a simple one, basically an opportunity for fans in Mexico to gather for a group photo to then share with the team to show their support. But as we all know, simple ideas quickly grow.

"We wanted to do something to make Mexican fans standout to show our passion for the team, as well as bringing fans together," said Sergio Carrasco, who was the one who started it all. "I discussed it with a Mexican friend that lives in Washington, Guillermo Vargas, and he believed we had a great idea in place and started to plan the event worldwide."

The rest, as they say, is history. Photographic history that is.

The idea, which began in 2014, has grown every year with fans from additional countries joining in every year and a total of 6,704 people participating. As a part of the NFL's 100th season celebration, this year there were 102 cities worldwide participating, with 19 countries, including the United States, Mexico, Canada, Columbia, Chili, Spain, Hungary, United Kingdom, Argentina, Honduras, Panama, and more taking part.

"What it means for us is the opportunity to bring people together," said Vargas. "It's about getting people to be united for one purpose, to show our passion for the team. We grabbed the opportunity social media presented to us, and thanks to that it became what it is today."

While it only takes a second to take the pictures, preparing for the day takes much more work. They begin the day after the photo is taken preparing for the next year, always looking for ways to improve it.

"Trying to bring people together at the same time, same date, around the world is not easy," said Vargas. "It's a time difference in some places so they do. But it brings so much passion being able to connect with people."

The photo day even has a hashtag, #SteelersWorldWide.

"Knowing that the team recognizes our efforts, it only motivates us to keep spreading the passion we have for the Steelers," said Carrasco. "Our goal is for everyone around us to feel the same way we do and love this great team."

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