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Overheard on final day of the combine

The final workouts of the 2015 NFL Scouting Combine took place on Monday at Lucas Oil Stadium, with the defensive backs taking center stage.

The speedster of the group was Michigan State's Trae Waynes, who ran a 4.31 40-yard dash. 

Before the day came to an end, the following was overheard:

  • Hall of Fame defensive back Aeneas Williams was among the former players the NFL brought back during the NFL Scouting Combine to talk to the group of draft eligible players.

Williams said the best advice he gave to the players, was to continue to work on improving.

"Just in the brief period of time get better," said Williams. "Every day, get better. Pay attention. At the end of the day, every day, it's how you get better. That's what these guys are doing. If it didn't work out yesterday, what are you going to do today to get better?"

  • Defensive backs took to the field on Monday and NFL Network's Steve Mariucci talked about how young players better be ready to work fast with three and four receiver sets being more commonplace in the NFL.

"These cornerbacks and safeties that are going to get drafted today, even if it's in the later rounds, they're going to be asked to play early because of all of the sub-packages that get thrown on the field in every single game," said Mariucci.

  • NFL Network's Mike Mayock wrapped a bow around his combine evaluations, giving a final take on a few positions and several players.
  • "The two top quarterbacks were as advertised, both (Jameis) Winston and (Marcus) Mariota were just outstanding."
  • "I think the wide receivers, led by Kevin White running a 4.35, Amari Cooper, DeVante Parker, were as advertised. I thought that was a great group."
  • "The tight ends were poor, the safeties were poor. The edge rushers were as advertised. (Vic) Beasley was great. He was one of the stars. I thought (Dante) Fowler had a solid workout. I think there's a great group of edge rushers, but we don't have safeties this year, tight ends and we don't have the depth at the quarterback position."
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